The Boys Iceless Hockey League is an association for recreational iceless hockey for boys in 1st grade through high school. The 10-week season begins in January and ends in March. Games are played on Friday evenings, Saturday and sometimes Sunday, depending on grade level.  All high school games are on Sundays.


Boys Iceless Hockey League

Update 2/15/2018

  • Pictures will now be held on Saturday, 2/24, at Olive C Martin School in Lake Villa.  The schedule is under construction and we hope to have to available by this weekend.

  • In order to accommodate the pictures, the 3/4 grade games that were previously scheduled at Martin will now be played at BJ Hooper.  Games times have not changed just the location. The updated schedule has been added to the site.

  • Week 4 scores and standings are now available as of 2/8.
    • Reminder that week 1 for 1st/2nd grade is a practice game only and as such will not be included in the standings.  

  • Please remember the boys all need to wear long pants with their team shirt tucked in, gym shoes, goggles and use the league issued sticks.