Frequently Asked Questions


Ø  When is the Boys Iceless Hockey Season?

The boys iceless hockey season starts at the beginning of January once school resumes and ends in the middle of March before spring break.

Ø  When and where are the games played?

Games are played in area school’s gyms, there is one game per week, played on Friday evening or on Saturday or Sunday.

Ø  What are the rules?

Rules are basic hockey rules. Grades 1-6 play with five players on the floor plus a goalie. A game consists of three nine-minute periods, with three, three-minute line changes per period. Grades 7– high school play with four players on the floor plus a goalie. A game consists of three eighteen-minute periods with a running clock and free substitution. No checking or high sticking is allowed. All rules will be handed out to each coach to be discussed with the team.

Ø  Is any special equipment needed?

Players must wear gym shoes, long pants and the league supplied team t-shirt. Additionally, each participant will receive a hockey stick and puck. Eye protection is mandatory and must be worn while on the gym floor.  Goggles are available for purchase through the league.

Ø  Can I request to be on a team with my friend or brother?

Brothers may play together on the same team if they fall into the same age group. Requests by friends to play on the same team cannot be honored, sorry-no exceptions.

Ø  Can I request to have a specific coach?

No. The only exception is a coach and son will be on the same team.

Ø  How are the teams formed?

Teams are formed via a blind draft balancing grade and experience levels.

Ø  Can I use my own equipment?

No all equipment must be league supplied and approved.

Ø  I would like to be a coach.  How do I sign up?

The registration form has a section to volunteer to be a coach. Please be aware that there are limited numbers of coaching spots per age group available. In addition, each week all coaches are required to referee the game either right before or right after their own team’s game.

Ø  Are there any practices?

No. Due to the size of the league and limited number of available gyms, no team practice is allowed.

Ø  I want to coach but I do not know the rules.

A mandatory coaches clinic is held before the season starts to go over all rules.

Ø  When will I know what team I will be playing on?

Your team coach should contact you before the end of the 2015, usually around the middle of December.

Ø  Are there awards at the end of the season?

Yes, everyone receives an award.